Underwriting is the marketing that benefits non-profit radio


Support Your Voice in the Community Since 2004

Underwrite WCOM, Chapel Hill and Carrboro's Community Radio Station

Serving southern Orange County since 2004, WCOM reaches some 60,000 listeners in southern Orange County and internet listeners in six continents that we know about. WCOM is a project of section 501(c)3 non-profit the Public Gallery of Carrboro, a public charity created in 1997.

Why underwrite WCOM Community Radio

Underwriting is a way to support non-commercial radio stations. Underwriting announcements are factual and understated, and seek to inform listeners about a service rather than induce them to purchase a product. The cost of underwriting can be deducted either as a business expense or as a charitable donation.

You can support the entire station and receive daily announcements or, with WCOM’s eclectic fare, you can select the show or shows that reach the audience you want. Because there is no commercial clutter, your message will always stand out. Your announcements will be heard and remembered by the show’s listeners, who favor those businesses supporting their favorite shows. 

Underwriting Opportunities on WCOM

WCOM offers three opportunities to support community radio:

Individual show underwriting is available for one announcement on that show each week plus listing with link on our website for $144 per year.

For $500 per year, WCOM’s Golden Voices underwriters receive one announcement per week on an individual program, as well as one announcement per day elsewhere in the program schedule.  Also, the supporter’s logo is prominently featured on WCOM’s website.

For $1000 per year, WCOM’s Angel Voices receive one announcement per week on two individual programs, as well as two announcements per day elsewhere in the program schedule. Also, the supporter’s logo is prominently featured on WCOM’s website.


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To learn more about being an underwriter, contact:

Art Menius
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Your customers, friends, or neighbors who host shows on WCOM 

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