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 WCOM is incorporated as a non-profit in North Carolina and organized under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code

Four Changes Two of Them Good

Lots of WCOM news to report, most of them changes.

Two WCOM volunteer hosts have laid down their microphones. Claudio Niedworok has hosted "Claudio's Speakeasy" on Tuesday mornings for eight years, driving an hour each way to do so. He has interviewed many people in the arts during that time and recorded many liners for hosts. Claudio recruited Durham's Carolina Theater as a Golden Voice underwriter. When their well publicized financial difficulties meant they could not renew, our resident seafarer, chef, actor, and storyteller decided it was time to move on. Claudio presented his final show on January 26.

In December, Brian Parren completed three years of hosting "Jazz Before Parker," which showcased the best in classic, swinging, pre-Bebop music. Brian decided he had accomplished what he had intended to do with the show.

In the positive change department, thanks to Bill McClymont our way better, 85 mbps download Internet hookup went live on January 27. This should eliminate the dropouts that particularly effected on network programs such as "Undercurrents" and "Democracy Now" that are delivered over the Internet.

Another is that, thanks to James Coley pointing it out, we changed some unfortunate, contra-free speech language that had been in the host agreements for at least four years. The new policy reads: Hosts must clearly state that "the opinions expressed on this show are not those of WCOM, its board, or underwriters."

Other good things include adding Don Emmett to the board of directors, bringing us to the seven required by our bylaws. The board adopted a budget for 2016. We negotiated a new, four-year lease with The ArtsCenter and submitted applications for general operating support to Town of Carrboro, Orange County, and the Strowd-Roses Foundation. Mark the evening of June 20 on your calendars since it appears that we'll be able to have a WCOM Summer Solstice event at a very special location.

The Development Committee will meet on Wednesday, February 3 at 2:30PM at the Grey Squirrel between WCOM and Cat's Cradle. The Board of Directors meets next at The ArtsCenter on Wednesday, February 10 at 4PM. Both meetings are open to any volunteer hosts or donors.

WCOM Show The Batchelor Pad Enters New Hampshire Markets

The Batchelor Pad’ Joins ESPN New Hampshire’s Lineup

Hour-long Program Will Debut January 24th

Nashua, NH – ‘The Batchelor Pad’, a North Carolina-based syndicated sports talk show, will broadcast on ESPN New Hampshire Radio every Sunday morning from 5-6am.

The hour-long program will debut on ESPN New Hampshire (WGAM 1250 AM Manchester & WGHM 900 AM Nashua) and on January 24th. ‘The Batchelor Pad’ is hosted by L.A. Batchelor

“We are excited to have ‘The Batchelor Pad’ on board,” said ESPN NH Program Director Nick Anastos. “L.A. and his team offer great insight, and we’re happy to welcome them to our broadcasting family.”

"The Batchelor Pad" airs on WCOM from 6 to 8 PM Mondays

UnderCurrents Renewed Again

For a second year. a big thank you to a "long time supporter of WCOM" for underwriting UnderCurrents. UnderCurrents plays on WCOM when there is no scheduled host. The service is provided to us by Native Voice 1. About a year ago we started airing the UnderCurrents stream. We decided to renew our one year paid ($700) agreement based on the overwhelming positive response we have received from listeners and the high quality of its music, which fits our station.

On behalf of our long time supporter, enjoy UnderCurrents and thanks to all for supporting your community radio station.

Board Officers for 2016 Elected

The Board of Directors for the Public Gallery of Carrboro (WCOM's legal name) held its final meeting of 2015 on December 16. The meeting marked the conclusion of four years of service by outgoing Secretary Lee Anne McClymont, host of "Courage Cocktail" each Wednesday at Noon, and chair and long time volunteer engineer Bill McClymont. The other board members presented Bill with a certificate honoring his contributions to our station.


Our bookkeeper, Karen Schinsky, reported that despite good expense control, we did operate at a deficit during CY2015. In no small part this resulted from ten shows that lack the required underwriting, $1200 in missing income. We have made great strides in getting our host information up to date so that we can change the door code soon.


The board elected officers for 2016. Ernie Hood will continue his longtime duties as Treasurer. Tana Hartman stepped up to take the Secretary position. Lacking any other candidates, Art Menius became chair.


The eight week marketing campaign funded by a $2500 grant from the Carrboro Tourism Development Authority, which receives and redistributes the occupancy tax revenue from the Hampton Inn next door, has concluded. The project produced some data of interest. 


The project generated 314 new unique visitors to, roughly 6 per day or 1.8% over the course of the effort. During the fortnight prior to the campaign, we had gained 1.4 per day. Thus new visitors to the website jumped by 4.6 per day. Mean total hits on increased from 521.7 per day to 800.2 during the campaign, an increase of 278.5 per day or 53.3%.


Icecast numbers stayed almost the same, however, at a median of just less than nine. Peak online listeners did climb from a maximum of 16 up to 26. It is important to remember that Icecast counts streaming aggregaters, such as TuneIn Radio, as just one listener. WCOM's TuneIn followers increased from 760 to 779 during the campaign. 


Facebook page likes increased to 1423 from 1405, or 2.25 new per week. The Twitter feed growth for WCOM proved much more robust. The followers grew by 173 from 522 to 695. That represents growth of  just better than 33% or 23.5 per week.


Our end of the year fundraising effort has included 103 letters and 243 emails. 



WCOM Bids Farewell to Another Veteran Host

Ann Parrent, who has been with WCOM for nearly all of its eleven years on the air, will produce her last show at Noon Saturday November 7th. For the last six months she has played a terrific blend of standards and jazz as host of "De Lovely," which replaced Fred Wasser's "Breathing Room" at that time. Few programmers could have risen to the challenge of following Fred, but Ann was more than successful in doing it. Before "De Lovely," Ann was the long time host of "This is Easy" on Monday evenings at 7PM. Ann will be missed by both WCOM listeners and her colleagues at the station.

Carrboro Comes Through!

On April 21, 2015, WCOM made a presentation to the joint budgeting committee of Carrboro and Chapel Hill asking for financial support from the two towns. As a result Carrboro has committed $500 to the station!

We thank the Aldermen and Citizens of Carrboro for the generous support.

WCOM Bids Farewell to Long Time Host

For over 10 years, WCOM listeners have been entertained by a unique mix of Jazz and Standards on Saturdays at noon.

Fred Wasser's Breathing Room premiered on November 20, 2004, Fred's relaxed, casual and informative style made his show a very popular weekly feature on WCOM.

Fred is leaving the area to pursue an opportunity to produce programs for Nevada Public Radio KNPR in Las Vegas, he will be missed. His last show is May 16, 2015.

Ann Parrent host of "This is Easy" will be moving her show to Saturday at noon.

Please join us in wishing Fred the best as he begins his new opportunity.

A Very Successful Hickory Tavern Event

The fundraiser at the Hickory Tavern in Carrboro on Thursday, May 7, 2015 was extremely successful.

Attendance and donations exceeded the November event.

A special thanks to Event Coordinator Art Menius, MC Dave Bellin, Greeters Ernie Hood and Claudio Niedworok, the volunteers that worked during the fundraiser and the management and staff of the Hickory Tavern.
We are planning other events so please check back here for details.

Again, thanks for your participation and for your commitment to keep community radio strong!

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